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  • My House of Cards.
    Mom was very old school as a Methodist minister’s wife.
  • What Deer?
    It is a matter of trying not to throw-up as you heave the animal into the back of your pickup.
  • My Principal Honor.
    I had no idea that the Lord had something waiting for me all that time.
  • But, I’m Not the Preacher.
    You can keep saying no, but in the end God leads you places you never expected.
  • A Kick in the Rear by God.
    A good kick in the rear can teach many lessons.
  • Coffee Anyone?
    The center dipped down to the pedals,….. so my skirt wouldn’t fly up while riding.
  • Is That Lizard Smiling?
    There is no reason to fear. He’s smiling, right?
  • Sitting Too Close to the Preacher.
    You sat down front because you were a preachers kid and dad wanted to keep an eye on you.
  • Mirror, Mirror, On the wall…
    In the end, vanity was his undoing. It was man versus bird, a GIANT BIRD.
  • Momma is Listening.
    My little sister and I grew up with an electronic device listening and monitoring our every move.
  • Just a Big Fish Story.
    I spent much of my childhood looking for outdoor adventures.
  • God’s Sense of Humor.
    I was taught that God will pardon my sins. I’m also hoping God has a good sense of humor.
  • The Other Side of Death.
    On such a beautiful day with the deep blue sky and billowy clouds, I wasn’t prepared for that scene of tragedy.
  • The Valentine Secret.
    Sneaky and unpredictable were two words no one would have ever applied to my mother.
  • Call Me Chuck.
    Chuck the cat thought he was in charge. His curiosity nearly cost him 8 of his 9 lives.
  • It’s Creeping in Our Bedroom.
    What was that noise?….It’s the middle of the night. What has crept into our bedroom?
  • A Fowl Christmas.
    We’d all settled in, on that dark Christmas night…
  • The Christmas Miracle.
    He wasn’t much of a dog to look at. He knew a lot of tricks but was rather bull-headed and refused to do any of them for us.
  • Too Big To Turn Down!
    There is a thin line between stupid and fearless, sometimes.
  • Killer Porta-Potty!
    Have you ever been somehwere so nasty that the “ick” factor made you gag? Did your best friend help you through it?
  • Don’t Make Me Come Down There!
    The preachers kid is an expert in non-verbal communication. Unfortunately, the signals may be ignored and disaster results…..painfully.
  • Run For Your Life!
    There’s a fine line between running for your life and outright panic. I always seemed to be doing one or the other.
  • Facing Mortality.
    Covid-19 made me face my own possible death. I’d always been able to avoid facing my own mortality.
  • What happened to You?
    I am Alive.
  • Graduation Day!
    It was later reported that my wife’s exact words were “Where in the… %^)*_&$… is John?” She was very eloquent on special occasions.
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