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  • Killer Porta-Potty!
    Have you ever been somehwere so nasty that the “ick” factor made you gag? Did your best friend help you through it?
  • Don’t Make Me Come Down There!
    The preachers kid is an expert in non-verbal communication. Unfortunately, the signals may be ignored and disaster results…..painfully.
  • Run For Your Life!
    There’s a fine line between running for your life and outright panic. I always seemed to be doing one or the other.
  • Facing Mortality.
    Covid-19 made me face my own possible death. I’d always been able to avoid facing my own mortality.
  • What happened to You?
    I am Alive.
  • Graduation Day!
    It was later reported that my wife’s exact words were “Where in the… %^)*_&$… is John?” She was very eloquent on special occasions.
  • Catch That Burglar.
    The dispatcher called on the radio and reported that there was a burglar alarm going off at a house west of town.
  • Just A Pretend Fire.
    A little bit is good, but more is better………Right? Especially when it comes to fire…………..or was that ice cream?
  • You Going to the Party??
    Friday afternoon in high school was a time of great anticipation. The weekend was almost there and plans had to be made.
  • Dang You Monkey.
    Monkeys make great companions, just not on long road trips. They are fine till you stop at the Sonic drive through and buy them dinner.
  • Where You Going?
    I was headed to college unbeknownst to my parents.
  • Goodbye Momma…
    I left momma begging me to save her.
  • Jump, John, Jump!
    Jumping from the parsonage roof with a homemade parachute couldn’t possibly end badly. Could it?
  • The Happy Camper.
    The happy camper found that her words were trajically prophetic.
  • Gangs.
    As a Park Ranger, I had to be ready for just about anything. It could be about camping fees or some type of serious criminal act.
  • Thank You!!
    Thank You for Following and Liking my blog “Call Me Lou.” I have reached 100 followers and appreciate each and every one of you.
  • So There I Was…
    I was tired and bored as I sat in the drive-thru of our local Abilene McDonalds. Apparently, the Good Lord was in the same line.
  • The Gold Stud.
    Dad was a Christ-loving pacifist. That was the only reason I lived to reach the age of 18.
  • The Flood.
    The flood at the creek nearly drown me. I never told mom what really happened.
  • The Crash of Glass.
    The crash of glass was heard as I tried to make it through the door.
  • Climb That Mountain!
    We had to climb to the peak of that mountain and live to tell the tale. Unfortunately for us, we lived in Kansas, so the nearest mountain was over 600 miles away, in Colorado.
  • My Burning Love…
    As a preachers kid, having my girlfriend over to the parsonage was a tricky business.
  • Fake Preacher!
    The security guard at St Francis Hospital challenged dad to prove he was a minister.
  • Kidnapped!
    The preachers kid was kidnapped on a youth group trip…..Sort of. You’d be surprised to know who did it and how he was rescued……Sort of.
  • Dad Had a Drinking Problem…
    Dad had a drinking problem that caused shame, anger, and embarrassment as a minister.
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