Stories from my life to make you laugh, smile, reflect, and sometimes roll your eyes.

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I went on many adventures which resulted in stories of humor, insight, and faith.
Some of the adventures were accidents and others were self-inflicted, but either way they made for good humor, insight, and a great amount of faith.

Why “Call Me Lou”?

My Grandpa Purvis was named Louis Purvis and went by “Lou”. My first name is Louis, after him. I was embarrassed and hated the name Louis while growing up. It wasn’t until my sister Kathy told me a story about Grandpa Purvis that I realized it was a name to be proud of. Read one of my early posts which I called “A Name To Be Proud Of” to see why you can “Call Me Lou.”

A Few Of My Latest Blogs

  • My Burning Love…
    As a preachers kid, having my girlfriend over to the parsonage, after dark, was a tricky business. It required the planning and finesse of 007. Unfortunately, I was more like Lurch. I have manyContinue reading “My Burning Love…”
  • Fake Preacher!
    The security guard at St Francis Hospital challenged dad to prove he was a minister.
  • Kidnapped!
    The preachers kid was kidnapped on a youth group trip…..Sort of. You’d be surprised to know who did it and how he was rescued……Sort of.
  • Dad Had a Drinking Problem…
    Dad had a drinking problem that caused shame, anger, and embarrassment as a minister.
  • Angel on my Bumper.
    An angel on my bumper was the one thing I could give the retired preacher when he was close to death.

Archive of Blog Posts

Abominable Snowman. Lou 2018.

Published by John Purvis

A preachers kid and his niece had many adventures which resulted in humor and insight.
John and Niece Sandy circa 1979

I was born and raised in Kansas. I am number 6 in a family of 7 children. My father was a minister in the United Methodist Church for 50 years. We moved every few years to a new church. Each new location became a new chapter in the journey. I have had the privilege of knowing so many different people from varying backgrounds. I have also had many friends and close relatives who’ve been able to share this journey. I wanted to share some of the stories and adventures I have had.

My Favorite Two Posts……so far.

Angel on my Bumper.

Angel on my Bumper.

Fire, Fire…OOPS!

Fire, Fire….Oops!

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