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  • My Burning Love…
    As a preachers kid, having my girlfriend over to the parsonage, after dark, was a tricky business. It required the planning and finesse of 007. Unfortunately, I was more like Lurch. I have many precious and wonderful memories of my girlfriend in high school. We were together for a large part of our high schoolContinue reading “My Burning Love…”
  • Fake Preacher!
    The security guard at St Francis Hospital challenged dad to prove he was a minister.
  • Kidnapped!
    The preachers kid was kidnapped on a youth group trip…..Sort of. You’d be surprised to know who did it and how he was rescued……Sort of.
  • Dad Had a Drinking Problem…
    Dad had a drinking problem that caused shame, anger, and embarrassment as a minister.
  • Angel on my Bumper.
    An angel on my bumper was the one thing I could give the retired preacher when he was close to death.
  • Dance with a Snake?
    Dad bought Spumoni ice cream which, as a child, I decided was torture.
  • John Wayne Defends the Preacher?
    I went at the other boy like a spider monkey on a sugar high, but Dad had a different idea.
  • Shocking,.. Just Shocking!
    That toy truck flew like a rocket when we put the electricity to it. And nearly killed the neighbor doing it.
  • Scarred For Life!
    Mother scarred me for life when she had me wear second-hand girls clothing and tried to convince me they were boys clothes.
  • All Time Greatest?
    I snuck away from a church picnic to slide down the spillway at the lake and nearly killed myself in the process.
  • Fire, Fire,..Oops!
    Playing firefighter in the parsonage got too real when my plan went awry.
  • The Methodist Ladies, A Dead Body, and the Baptist Church.
    We launched a tire from the roof of the parsonage during a church ladies meeting. Someone thought a dead body had fallen.
  • The Great Cave Expedition.
    Exploring the church crawlspace on a secret mission. We thought we’d been successful until unforeseen circumstances intervened.
  • A Name to Be Proud of..
    I was ashamed by my first name until I found out the wonderful story of my namesake. Now just call me Lou.
  • Paint job on the church.
    I will confess to painting on the wall of the church, but will claim that I have a defense. My little sister talked me into it.
  • Just a little ornery.
    Preachers kids have the reputation of being ornery or trouble makers. They are on view for the world to see and expected to be angels. Sometimes they aren’t.
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